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It’s great that you’ve joined us to learn the art of delivering our tried-and-tested Savasanahhh workshops! These workshops are the perfect blend of restorative yoga and Thai massage. Click the first lesson when you’re ready and we’ll begin sharing the ins-and-outs of our method and give you a glimpse into the blissful possibilities of this training.

If you haven’t already been added, please make sure you head over to the private Facebook Group (click here) and request access so that we can keep in easy contact without having to email!


Introduction to Savasanahhh

Before we begin to use any touch techniques, it's important to go through the 4 Foundational Principles of practice. Taking some time to do this at the start will ensure that we build a structure and practice on a stable base.


Posture Essentials

In this section we go through the core asanas of a restorative yoga practice and we present at least one touch technique for you to begin practicing. Take some time to refine these tools, work them into your teachings and then we delve into more techniques and tools throughout the next set of lessons ("Extended Techniques").


Extended Techniques

Now that we've established our essential tools, we've added a whole lot more techniques to the mix for you to explore in each of the asanas we've gone through already. Please enjoy these bonus tools that have been included here and take some time to familiarize yourself with the finer details of each.